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We supply a continuity of service where required and/or training for your inspection people. On line web support is also available.

We specialise in the installation of automatic product inspection and measurement systems using state of the art cameras, software, lighting, precision optics and production line considerations.

Electronic control and communications between the vision system, PLC and other network requirements are available as is the design and manufacture of the product presentation and rejection methods.

We have experience across the range of industrial imaging, including high speed process analysis and automatic inspection applications and offer basic retro-fit solutions or full turnkey installations.

Some of our automatic inspection applications
  • Quality Inspection Services
  • Building products – texture and geometry
  • Pharmaceutical products – ID and appearance
  • Carton packers – product count before glueing
  • Fasteners – dimensional and feature inspection
  • Bottling lines – inspection for foreign matter
  • Tea bags – correct placement of string pulls
  • Automotive components - various
  • Robotic Guidance - filling jet placement
  • Foundry – over filling of moulds
  • Coal release mechanisms on 3 km trains.