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  • Increased quality – preventing customer complaints and maintaining your reputation

  • Efficiency - preventing delays caused by outside costly manual batch inspection

  • Objectivity – applying the same inspection criteria every time

  • Information – gathering product statistics from your product, and your supplier's components

  • Sample size – inspecting 100% of your production

  • Costs – preventing value-adding to reject parts - eliminating wastage

Vision Systems Engineering  -

Vision Systems Engineering (Aust). provides practical solutions for automatic product inspection system, measurement, sorting and machine vision requirements.

We offer no-obligation feasibility trials, showing images of your product being inspected with measurements and statistics to support the findings.   ....  On-line trials may also be arranged.
We have installations in the repetition manufacturing, dairy, electronic, automotive, transport, R&D, packaging, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

We are skilled at applying specialised imaging, optics, lighting and robust vision programming to solve complex inspections and presentational problems, in both retro-fit and full turnkey installations.